G.i. Joe 2packs Wave 8

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G.i. Joe 2packs Wave 8
-Destro and Shockblast
-Storm Shadow and Tunnel Rat

Resolute Destro and Shockwave.

Can’t say I like “fatty” Destro.

Shockwave (the Joe team’s SWAT expert) comes with 3 types of headgear, a cap, a Gas Mask, a helmet (what? no riot gear?) plus two pistols.

Tunnel Rat and Storm Shadow.

Samurai Storm Shadow is decent enough.

“Slasher-Movie” Storm Shadow is just wrong….

Tunnel Rat comes with a gun, and his heavy artillery rifle, but no backpack.

Tunnel Rat supposedly is a mix of Asian, Spanish and other ethnicities. The figure is meant to homage G.i. Joe comics writer Larry Hama.

Quick, somebody call Jacky Chan’s lawyers!


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