G.i. Joe 3.75″ Retro Series Grunt

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G.i. Joe 3.75″ Retro Series Grunt

Robert W. Graves is one of the original 13 members of the G.i. Joe team. Despite his “codename” he’s actually ranked as a Corporal. In the Marvel Comics run, Grunt eventually retires from active service after getting his engineering degree, while in the Sunbow cartoons, Grunt stays behind with Clutch and Steeler in an alternate universe to fight Cobra after it took over the world.

Sigh… my Grunt’s lip is off-center. Hasbro develops “face print” tech, yet the factory still somehow manages to screw it up,

Grunt shares the same body mold as Stalker.

Grunt comes with his standard issue backpack.

Along with his standard issue M16 rifle.

I find it really ironic that after so many years since the start of the modern era G.i. Joe toyline, it’s only now that we get a properly colored, Modern Era Grunt figure that matches his look in the cartoons and comics.

I know this guy was meant to be a troop builder, but the “green shirts” in the series had a different shade of green for their pants from their shirt. So I guess this guy will just be Grunt, unique in his monotone shade of green.

Lastly, Grunt comes with removable knife and sidearm.

Overall, not bad. This will probably be my “best choice” Grunt on display (someday), since the headsculpt, colors and details beat out the previous versions from the modern era 3.75″ line.

I decided to pass on getting the Cobra Officer figure that came with Grunt as supposedly the figure was plagued with quality control issues (arm joint breakages).

Note that, as of this writing, it seems that Hasbro is abandoning the modern era 3.75″ line in favor of reissuing vintage designs. So this figure (and the Cobra Officer) may well be the last modern era figures for a while?


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