G.i. Joe 3.75″ Retro Series Stalker

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G.i. Joe 3.75″ Retro Series Stalker

Lonzo R. Wilkinson is one of the original 13 members of G.i. Joe. As the previous second-in-command after General Hawk, Stalker often served as field commander for the team during missions in the G.i. Joe Marvel comics run. He is eventually promoted and replaced by Duke as the Joe team’s field commander.

I was originally on the fence for this guy, since we had already gotten so many Stalker figures before, but I eventually caved and decided to get him anyway, since he uses the new “taller” buck for the 3.75” line and this makes him look better next to the newer-proportioned molds for the 3.75” Joe figures. I just wish they painted him in Sunbow cartoon colors.

He comes with a knife that can be sheathed on his webgear.

He also comes with a pistol, which can be holstered on his right hip.

The Joe’s original field commander comes with his iconic machine gun, which is a homage to his vintage figure.

Stalker also comes with an alternate “grease gun” machine gun.

Overall, a pretty decent update to Stalker for the modern 3.75″ scale. The figure is bigger and beefier compared to the previous versions but colors aren’t accurate to the Sunbow cartoon animation models. Still, I think it’s still a pretty good figure to get to at least help populate playsets and vehicles.


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