G.i. Joe Battle Force 2000 Future Fortress

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G.i. Joe Battle Force 2000 Future Fortress

“Six prototype attack vehicles combine to form the most indestructible stronghold in the world … the Battle Force 2000 Future Fortress!

Dominator’s side walls open, creating the fortress’ battle emplacements. With the emplacements secured, Vectors battle turret jettisons from the fighter and lands between the wall to form the corner!

To safeguard the left emplacement with flank firepower, Sky Sweeper’s Sentry Post stands guard behind the emplacements with its power cannons poised for action!

While providing tactical air cover during the fortress’ “link-up” operations, Vindicator’s rocket sled is ejected from the craft and deployed on the fortress’ northeast flank!

Marauder’s tank churns through the mud to secure itself behind Dominator’s right battle emplacement, ready to open fire on the Cobra invaders! Just as Marauder’s tank assumes its battle station, Eliminator’s highly lethal battle platform moves in behind the tank to complete the fortress’ formation! With Battle Force 2000’s futuristic combat capabilities, G.I. Joe can destroy Cobra once and for all!

When I was a kid, I was really super excited at the concept of the Future Fortress. Going by the catalogue pics, it looked so awesome with the BF2000 team inside.

Unfortunately, the reality doesn’t really match the expectation. I decided to pick up the BF2000 vehicles when they first announced the 2017 set. I was expecting the pieces to come together and at the very least interlock with each other to form a halfway-decent playset. Boy was I wrong!

Most of the pieces are just sitting there, not locked on to anything, like parking 2 tanks together and calling it a “fortress”. It was a huge let down indeed. Worse, there’s a glaring “security concern” for our heroes.

Woooooow.. for an “impenetrable” fortress, it sure has one heck of an empty side. I guess it’s all good as long as Cobra attacks from the “heavily fortified” side and the BF2000 guys pray really hard that they don’t get flanked.

Talk about exposed…

I opted to use the leftover vehicles to “support” the Future Fortress’ flank.

Looks much better.

The team can now have a proper meeting area.

Alternately, one can use the Pulverizer as the extra “wall” for the Fortress.


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