G.i. Joe Classified # 103 General Clayton “Hawk” Abernathy

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G.i. Joe Classified # 103 General Clayton “Hawk” Abernathy

Clayton M. Abernathy was the original field commander for the G.i. Joe team. Previously ranked as a colonel serving under General Flagg, Hawk would later be promoted to the rank of General following Flagg’s passing and the retirement of General Austin, eventually taking full command, overseeing the entire operation of the G.i. Joe team.

Hawk’s headsculpt is really good.

A big problem for me with this set is that Hawk’s helmet material is very soft. It tends to dimple if you leave the goggles on for a while. I don’t think they can snap back into shape after you remove the goggles, either. Bummer.

I have to admit, it’s a shame Hasbro didn’t include a backpack for Hawk, he seems kinda incomplete without it.

General Hawk comes with two different sidearms. One is holstered on his right thigh, while another is stowed away on his shoulder holster.

Hawk comes with two different goggles, a bigger one for equipping on his helmet, and a smaller, tighter one for wearing over his face.

General Hawk comes with the same shotgun that we got with Classified Covergirl.

Lastly, for heavier firepower, the general comes with a grenade launcher.

This is the same launcher we got with retro carded Gung-ho.

Overall, pretty good. General Hawk has always been one of the most iconic members of the G.i. Joe team, being its commander and all, so this one is pretty much a “must-have” if you’re building up the roster.

I think this one came out great and thankfully, we didn’t get the lousy headsculpt work that we got with Lt. Falcon. However, I do wish Hasbro designed the helmet with better material. The dimpling issue caused by the goggles can get annoying to see.

With this release, we pretty much got the main G.i. Joe command hierarchy (General Hawk, Duke, Flint, Beach Head) completed in the Classified line. I’ll try to take a proper group photo of the Joe leadership once we get Retro carded Duke.

Hasbro’s oddball codename for General Hawk is Tolkien.


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