G.i. Joe Classified # 104 Agent Helix

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G.i. Joe Classified # 104 Agent Helix

A highly-trained “Alpha Level” covert ops operative, Helix is skilled in various forms of martial arts and firearms. She is also able to make remarkably quick calculations and assessments thanks to her unique ability known as “Total Battlefield Awareness”. While an indispensable member of the Joe team, Helix somewhat lacks social skills and mostly keeps to herself, rarely speaking to other Joes during down times. Her real name is classified.

Agent Helix was developed as an original character for the Rise of Cobra video game. Her name comes from the game’s developer studio, “Double Helix”. She was later introduced into the mainstream G.i. Joe comics during the IDW-era comic runs.

Thankfully, her headsculpt isn’t too shabby. It’s better than Classified Cover Girl for sure.

Helix comes with her two mantis blades

The mantis blades have hinges that allow for retraction or full extension. An interesting accessory.

Helix comes with two swords.

She also comes with a backpack sheath for her twin swords.

If that wasn’t enough “slice and dice”, she also comes with a machette for cutting through dense jungle.

The machette can be stowed onto a loop on her belt.

Lastly, Helix comes with her signature dual 10mm autopistols with extended mags.

She can holster the pistols on the sides of her thighs.

Overall, not too shabby. She comes with a decent amount of gear and her sculpt work isn’t half bad, either. Granted, as a character, Helix was only added to the roster when the Rise of Cobra video game was released, so she isn’t really a high priority character to get for the old school Joe fans. Her character does eventually get fleshed out a bit more in the IDW comics and personally, I think she makes a good addition to the Joe team.

Hasbro’s oddball codename for Agent Helix is Plath.


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