G.i. Joe Classified # 105 Jason “Shockwave” Faria

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G.i. Joe Classified # 105 Jason “Shockwave” Faria

As the youngest member of the Detroit Police Department S.W.A.T. team, Jason A. Faria is the holder of two citations for bravery. It takes guts for being always the first man to break down doors in unknown dangerous urban situations and Jason never backs down from a chance to prove himself in the line of duty. After applying for G.i. Joe, Shockwave became the Joe team’s S.W.A.T. specialist, providing the Joe team important tactics when it’s time to fight Cobra in urbanized areas.

Shockwave comes with a removable bull cap.

Since Shockwave comes from the police force, naturally he comes with a nightstick.

Too bad it doesn’t have anywhere to go for storage on the figure.

He also comes with two knives. Strangely, one of his knives is a hook gut knife? I truly wonder why he has that? It’s supposed to be for gutting hunting animals in the woods. Shockwave is supposed to be deployed for urban operations, what’s he supposed to gut? Cats? Racoons?

His knives can be sheathed on his vest and on his left lower leg.

For actual firepower, he comes with a pair of submachine guns.

The guns can be holstered onto the sides of his thighs.

The ammo mags of each submachine gun can be removed. Make sure not to lose them!

Locked and loaded!

Lastly, he comes with his riot shield.

From what I understand, there’s a bit of a hiccup with the design here, the shield is supposed to be held with the left arm to allow for a riot officer’s pistol to be safely positioned on the nook on the right (assuming the officer is right-handed). Some skilled folks online actually pried the handle section loose and reset it to the proper orientation to address this. I might try it myself when I have the time.

The said issue makes it more difficult for the figure to hold his shield with his left arm unless corrected.

But this is how you’re supposed to operate this particular riot shield. The design team kinda dropped the ball on this one.

Overall, a pretty good update to the original figure for the Classified line. At least he gets a big honking riot shield this time around (I wish they included his classic backpack accessory, too, though).

Personally, I was never fond of Shockwave back in the day. He only prominently appeared in the DIC cartoons in his Ver. 3 toy design in one episode and like most DIC-era written Joes, he was pretty dull and one-dimensional. I would’ve loved to have seen what Sunbow would have done with this fella if Hasbro pushed through with the original Season 3 pitch for the A Real American Hero cartoons alongside new Joes like Outback, Fast Draw and others.

Hasbro’s oddball codename for Shockwave is Steinbeck.


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