G.i. Joe Classified # 109 Parth “Wolf Spider” Varma

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G.i. Joe Classified # 109 Parth “Wolf Spider” Varma

An all-new concept character added to the G.i. Joe team’s Night Force ranks, Parth “Wolf Spider” Varma functions as a EMT helicopter pilot for the G.i. Joe team. Hailing from a family of doctors, Wolf Spider never hesitates to jump into the fray to save lives.

He comes with the same backpack that we got with Lt. Falcon.

He also comes with some rope (the same kind we got with Shipwreck).

For weaponry, he comes with a sidearm that can be holstered on his right leg, along with a combat knife similar to Lt. Falcon’s that can be sheathed into his backpack (same as Lt. Falcon).

Wolf Spider also comes with an optional gas mask with vision gear that can be wrapped around his head.

For heavier firepower, Wolf Spider comes with a shotgun. Again, it’s the same one we got with Lt. Falcon.

Wolf Spider comes with removable night vision gear for his helmet.

Overall, not too shabby. Admittedly, while he is just a concept character and can be somewhat skippable if you’re not into going “full completist”, I guess it’s never a bad thing to expand the Joe roster a bit. If nothing else, at least we can use this guy as fodder for Shadow Tracker to hunt down (which is what I’ll probably be doing) or rework Wolf Spider into an army builder figure for the Joe team.

Personally, I do wish they gave this guy more variation with accessories, as opposed to generally rehashing gear that came with Lt. Falcon, except for the helmet.

Hasbro’s oddball codename for Wolf Spider is WES Tennyson. The figure was released as a Target exclusive (which was why I picked him up, since backtracking those kinds of exclusives is a pain locally here in Manila).


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