G.i. Joe Classified # 113 Mutt and Junkyard

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G.i. Joe Classified # 113 Mutt and Junkyard

The hands are ridiculously difficult to remove from the tray! Be warned!


Mutt’s loyal canine companion. Mutt and Junkyard are inseparable!

I really love that Hasbro made Junkyard very poseable, as well as giving the figure an optional “neutral” head. Very excellent execution with this figure.


Stanley R. Perlmutter functions as the Joe team’s dog handler. Preferring the company of dogs to humans, Mutt spends most of his time with his partner, Junkyard, either out on patrol or manning G.i. Joe checkpoints. A graduate from Jungle Warfare Training School, Mutt’s secondary specialty is infantry, he’s also proficient in security and enforcement.

Interestingly, Mutt comes with a flashbang on his belt. At least I think it’s a flashbang, maybe it’s something for Junkyard? Dog repellant?

Mutt comes with two different goggles, one for his helmet and a smaller one that fits over his face.

Mutt comes with a knife and a sidearm.

Lol… OK, seriously, Mutt looks like an angry Tom Selleck, it’s hilarious!

He looks like he’s filled with murderous rage, watch out, Cobra!!

They should totally have Mutt do a PSA about anger management, just like in the old cartoons. I bet it would be loads of laughs to watch.

Mutt comes with an M-16 rifle this time around (as opposed to his original submachine gun from the vintage line).

Naturally, the ammo mag is removable, so don’t lose it.

As a dog trainer, Mutt also comes with a mask to guard his face, in case things go wrong during dog training.

The mask also helps hide Mutt’s angry scowl.

Since he’s usually tasked with perimeter patrol, Mutt comes with a baton for taking down any troublemakers.

I kinda wish they included a Checkpoint Alpha backdrop here.

The original “Turner and Hooch”.

Lol.. a dog and an angry, angry man…

“Junkyard, Shipwreck stole my sandwich. Kill! Kill!”

“Junkyard, Scarlett said she likes Snake Eyes more than me, kill! Kill!”

Alternately (again):
“Junkyard, General Hawk got mad you attacked Shipwreck and Scarlett. Kill! Kill!”

Overall, a pretty impressive set! I love how articulated Junkyard is, plus the extra neutral head for him is just icing on the cake! I also love how psycho Mutt looks! It all comes together very, very nicely. I guess my only complaint would be the lack of a leash for Junkyard, but then again, in the old cartoons, we never seen him on a leash either.

Hasbro’s fitting oddball codename for Mutt and Junkyard is “Dastardly and Pet”.


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