G.i. Joe Classified # 116 Quick Kick

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G.i. Joe Classified # 116 Quick Kick

MacArthur S. Ito is a former Hollywood stuntman. Specializing in stealth and infiltration ops due to his silent weapons and various martial arts fighting skills, Quick Kick is quickly recruited into the G.i. Joe team.

Possibly the least sensibly-dressed G.i. Joe character around in the cartoons. He actually showed up in the arctic wearing nothing but his pants and a sash. I love how this guy never uses footwear (or arctic wear) at any time in the TV series either (he got sensible by the 1986 movie, though). Lol…

In the Sunbow cartoons, Quick Kick was able to soundly beat Storm Shadow on their first encounter. That’s something. Quick Kick also loves doing Humphrey Bogart impressions when things get tough to lighten the mood.

Supposedly, for the Classified line, the designers originally intended to give Quick Kick some actual boots for a more “modernized” take on the character. But, nope, the fanbase wants Quick Kick to never wear footwear! Lol..

The design team did add some detailing for his pants to keep the figure fresh and interesting.

Quick Kick looks really good. I am really glad the design team didn’t take too many liberties with this figure’s look and tried to keep it as “classic” as possible, senseless fashion tastes and all.

In the Sunbow cartoons, Alpine and Bazooka are rescued by Quick Kick in the frozen tundra while he was there shooting a “Frozen Fudgie Bars” candy commercial as a stunt man. It’s great to see that the toy designers have a sense of humor and included a candy bar accessory for this figure!

For combat gear, Quick Kick comes with a “thrown shuriken” effects piece. It’s a bit odd to put in between his fingers, so I opted to place it in between his palms instead.

He also comes with a pair of nunchuks.

The nunchuks can be stored into the loops on Quick Kick’s belt

For added value, Quick Kick comes with an alternate head that shows him channeling his “inner Bruce Lee” by puckering up his lips. I now kind of wish all the Classified Joes had alternate heads that have different facial expressions.

Lastly, he comes with a pair of swords.

Swords can be sheathed into his backpack.

Lastly, Quick Kick comes with “Knifehand-strike” hands

“I am the weapon!”

Sadly, in the original Marvel Comics run by legendary G.i. Joe creator Larry Hama, Quick Kick is one of the Joes that get killed while escaping from Cobra onboard a Cobra Rage tank. He is killed alongside Breaker and Crazylegs (fellow Joes Doc, Thunder and Heavy Metal also died in that mission).

Overall, I love it! While the headsculpt could’ve been a bit better (I still prefer the comics-style Shang-Chi head from the Marvel Legends line), at least it’s not bad (like say Lt. Falcon). The accessories are a nice nod to the vintage figure as well.

For me, Quick Kick was one of those core, iconic characters prominently featured in the original Sunbow cartoons, he was also the team’s only martial artist that actually managed to take down Storm Shadow in one-on-one combat, so this is a great addition to the toyline roster.

Hasbro originally had an oddball codename for this figure in the preorder listings, it was supposed to be “Wilma”(named after the character from the classic Hanna-Barbera cartoons, “The Flintstones”). It was not indicated on the shipper boxes though.


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