G.i. Joe Classified # 117 Techno-Viper

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G.i. Joe Classified # 117 Techno-Viper

Cobra’s battlefield technicians. The Techno-Vipers are deployed to keep Cobra’s expensive attack machinery running after sustaining heavy damages from enemy fire. Aside from providing field maintenance support, these specialized Vipers are also demolitions specialists who can be sent to the front lines to easily take out enemy fortifications by recognizing structural weaknesses with their engineering knowledge.

I always loved the helmets on these guys. Unlike most Vipers, which had faceless faceplates, these guys had eyes. Also, the way they sort of resemble Darth Vader always seemed kind of cool.

Due to the black knee pads, the back of the figure’s knee joints kinda stick out like sore thumbs.

As he functions primarily to provide maintenance support on the battlefield, the Techno-Viper comes with a power wrench, a power claw and a power hammer. I really wish Hasbro painted these in silver or gray plastic, like on the vintage figure. They also feel somewhat gummy (bendy), so they do feel a bit odd in hand.

All of the accessories can be attached to the hose tubing which connects to the backpack to act as a power source.

Power claw

Power wrench

Power hammer

All of the Techno-Viper’s tools can be stowed away on his backpack.

I have to say, it’s a bit disappointing we’re only getting one power cable for this figure, considering he has two ports on his backpack.

Strangely, if you’ll notice the vintage card art, the backpack is supposed to look like this, with the tools on top. But the Classified version has been redesigned to have the tools at the bottom of the pack. Curious.

The figure comes with all-new, unique gauntlets, which have holes in order to display the holographic diagnostic effects part.

Attachable “holographic” accessory for reading technical diagnostics. Really nice.

For weaponry, the Techno-Viper comes equipped with a sidearm that can be holstered on his left thigh.

For heavier firepower, the Techno-Viper comes with a Phase Pulse Plasma rifle with trapezoidal muzzle. Similar to the power tools, the rifle can be plugged into the backpack via the hose tubing to operate as a power source.

Overall, an amazing release for this line! The sheer amount of gear and sculpting details for this figure is really, really impressive. Easily one of the best releases in the series so far!

The Techno-Vipers also have a special place in my heart, as these were the first Cobra figures that I got that really impressed me a lot! I think he was the third or fourth Cobra figure that I got back in my childhood.

Hasbro originally had an oddball codename for this figure in the preorder listings, it was supposed to be “Rosie”(named after the robot maid from the classic Hanna-Barbera cartoons, “The Jetsons”). It was not indicated on the shipper boxes though.


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