G.i. Joe Classified #29 Breaker with Ram Cycle

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G.i. Joe Classified #29 Breaker with Ram Cycle

Alvin R. Kibbey is the G.i. Joe team’s communications officer, providing that critical link between a live battlefield and operations HQ. He also monitors and jams enemy communications and intercepts vital Cobra intel.

He doesn’t come with any weapons, just his helmet with a rainbow visor permanently fixed in.

I wish Breaker came with his comms backpack.

Ram Cycle

The Joe team’s heavy assault motorcycle. The vehicle comes with a Gatling gun mounted on the sidecar of the vehicle.

The gatling gun sidecar needs some assembly.

It comes together nicely enough. The gatling gun is a reused mold from the one that came with Heavy Artillery Roadblock.

Overall, a decent vehicle and figure set. I do wish Breaker came with a gun and his usual communications backpack but the whole set does get the job done decently enough. At least we finally now have our first Joe Classified-scaled vehicle. I hope Hasbro does more vehicles for the line.


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