G.i. Joe Classified #30 Snake Eyes with Timber Alpha Commandos 2-pack

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G.i. Joe Classified #30 Snake Eyes with Timber Alpha Commandos 2-pack

An enigmatic ninja commando, Snake Eyes’ real name is classified. Horribly scarred trying to save fellow teammate Scarlett during one of the Joe team’s early missions, Snake Eyes usually covers up his face with a balaclava to hide his disfigured visage. He also lost the use of his vocal cords in the same incident, rendering him unable to speak.

I could be wrong, but I think the figure shares some tooling from Beach Head?

Snake Eyes comes with a pistol and silencer that can be holstered on his right thigh, it’s a reuse of the same accessory from the previous “ninja” Snake Eyes.

He also comes with a huge combat knife this time around. It can be sheathed on his left thigh.

Snake Eyes comes with a rifle, the ammo clip can be removed.

He also comes with another sub machine gun as well.

Lastly, this commando comes with his iconic Uzi weapon based from the classic toyline.

Comparison with the previous “ninja” Snake Eyes.


Timber is Snake Eye’s adopted pet wolf. The loyal creature always stays by Snake Eye’s side whenever he’s on a mission, but is usually seen in Snake Eye’s secluded hut in the High Sierra mountains in Nevada.

I cannot believe how well Hasbro executed the articulation on this thing! It’s crazy impressive!

Timber comes with an alternate “angry” head. Cool!

I think this is the match up most collectors will be going for, no?

Overall, a stunning set from Hasbro! I did not expect the level of detail on Timber, while Snake Eyes did not disappoint as well. It was also cool of Hasbro to give us the commando version of Snake Eyes for this set, instead of just rolling out another simple reissue/ repaint of ninja Snake Eyes to go with Timber.


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