G.i. Joe Classified #32 Barbecue

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G.i. Joe Classified #32 Barbecue

Gabriel A. Kelly is a seventh-generation fireman, who decided to break tradition and signed up to join the G.i. Joe team. His bio lists him as a wild party animal, which often puts him at odds with fellow Joe teammate Stalker, who prefers Joe team members exercise strict military discipline at all times.

Sigh…. unfortunately, due to the design of the backpack, the peg tends to raise the whole thing to an awkward level.

Connecting the hose to the ends of the Extinguisher and Extinguisher Gun can be tricky. I probably won’t be doing this too often, for fear of peg breakage.

Extinguisher gun can be holstered on his left thigh.

His smaller axe can be hooked onto his right thigh.

While the bigger axe can be pegged into his backpack.

I’m not sure if this thing is supposed to be a gauge indicator of some sort?

Let’s party!!!

I think I would’ve preferred some sort of rifle or sidearm rather than another axe.

Hmm.. then again, seeing a man wield dual axes on a battlefield sure is unnerving.

Extinguisher gun

Overall, not my favorite Joe from the cartoons (what’s a fire fighter going to do in a heavy gunfight??), but he does add some color contrast to the usual “army green” motif from the other Joe team members.


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