G.i. Joe Classified #38 Croc Master & Fiona

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G.i. Joe Classified #38 Croc Master & Fiona

I’m really loving this layout, Hasbro should totally release a giant poster of this artwork.

Croc Master

Cobra’s in-house reptile trainer. Like his pets, Croc Master is strong, silent and deadly, tracking any who dare trespass onto Cobra territory through the marshes of Cobra Island. A loner, he prefers to keep to the company of his pets rather than socialize with the Cobra rank and file. A former burglar alarm salesman, he founded Guard-Gators Inc., for commercializing the use of alligators for home security. His real name and nationality are never revealed.

I would imagine this guy to be big and imposing, since he’s able to wrestle crocodiles with his bare hands.

I’m not sure what this breathing apparatus is for, sure it makes him look more menacing. In my mind, it’s full of helium so he can sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks when he talks.

In terms of weapons, Croc Master doesn’t come with much, just his revolver sidearm and a dagger.

The revolver is modeled after a Chiappa Rhino 357 Magnum.

He comes with a bullwhip, for taming his “darlings”. According to his filecard, he trains the crocs on Cobra Island to be extra aggressive and psychotic, to serve as a ruthless security system against trespassers.

He also comes with a big meat hook tool, for dragging carcasses.

In the original Marvel Comics run, Croc Master is one of the casualties along with Serpentor, Raptor, Firefly, Voltar and more when Cobra Commander trapped those he deemed as traitors to his organization and buried them alive in a huge freighter ship in issue #98, leaving them to die of starvation (Doctor Mindbender is one of those that eventually escaped the trap).


Croc Master’s pet crocodile. Nuff said.

This figure’s tail is surprisingly articulated, thanks to some bendy wires.

Articualted jaw.

You can put the baby gators inside her mouth, just like how real gator moms protect their young in the wild. I know they’re supposed to have names, but I can’t recall what they are.

Lastly, the set comes with a spiked collar and chain leash for Fiona.

Unfortunately, the chain position is fixed, so you can only hold it this way, with Croc Master posed on Fiona’s left side.

Overall, a really good set. I don’t think anyone could’ve predicted we’d get Croc Master this early in the Classified line. He’s not my favorite Cobra character but he does have his charm. Plus, the big and heavily-articulated gator is just really nice. Hasbro’s design team is really doing a great job with these newer figures. I enjoyed this set more than the Snake Eyes and Timber set.


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