G.i. Joe Classified # 55 Tiger Force Recondo

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G.i. Joe Classified # 55 Tiger Force Recondo

Daniel M. LeClaire is the G.i. Joe team’s original jungle trooper. An expert in jungle warfare, Recondo is in his element when he’s surviving in the tropics with dense vegetation. Naturally, he hates cold weather and is not suited to arctic missions.

The figure shares some parts with Classified series Duke.

In the 1980s animated series, Recondo had a few stand out moments in the first season of the show. But with the addition of new Joe members in the second season and in the 1985 movie, Recondo had been reduced to just a background character.

In the original 1988 Tiger Force subline, Recondo was actually packaged with the Tiger Fly (a redeco of the Joe Dragonfly), since Wild Bill came with the Tiger Rat (a redeco of the Cobra Rattler). His filecard mentions Recondo having “extensive experience” with helicopters.

Recondo comes with a removable hat.

Heh, his moustache makes him look more like a cowboy than a jungle operative.

His machete can be sheathed on his left leg.

“That’s not a knife, THIS IS A KNIFE!”

Recondo also has a pistol that’s holstered on the front of his webgear.

Survival pack. Too bad the folded mat isn’t deployable.

Lastly, Recondo comes with a sub-machine gun.

As with other large rifles in the Classified series, the ammo clip can be removed.

Overall, a pretty solid figure. I love the new hat and face sculpt. A lot of the accessories in the set are actually new tooling I think. I originally got him as a placeholder since Hasbro hadn’t announced at the time that they were releasing a proper V1 Recondo. Based on their latest Pulse Livestream, they’re finally releasing one later on.

Tiger Force Recondo’s oddball codename in the Classified line is Dione.


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