G.i. Joe Classified #74 Scrap Iron & Anti-Armor Drone

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G.i. Joe Classified #74 Scrap Iron & Anti-Armor Drone


Scrap-Iron is Cobra’s anti-armor specialist. Previously a weapons engineer under Destro’s employ at MARS Industries, Scrap-Iron was in charge of carrying out initial field testing on all new armor-piercing munitions. His specialty lies in remote-launched, laser-guided, rocket-propelled anti-tank weaponry (i.e. drones).

In the cartoon series, he and Dr. Mindbender are credited with the creation of the Cobra B.A.T. (Battle Android Trooper).

His helmet is removable, revealing a heavily scarred face, most likely from a botched weapons test. In the cartoons we never actually see his face but based on his very raspy voice, this actually adds some possible interesting backstory to the character.

He comes with a sidearm, which can be holstered on his right leg.

Scrap Iron comes with an Anti-Armor Drone.

While the drone has “treads”, they don’t really roll. Still, they look mighty cool.

Tampograph markings on the sides of the drone, for that extra detail.

I love the detailed little camera on the front of the drone.

Remote control for the drone.

It’s a shame that Scrap-Iron’s outfit has nowhere to stow the controller for the drone when it’s not in use. Ah, well.

The set comes with “firing” effects parts for the rockets on the drone.

Aside from that, there’re even more effects parts for background purposes that come with this set! It’s pretty cool!

All together now.

Overall, an amazing, amazing set! Hasbro’s G.i. Joe brand team really went above and beyond here. I’m super impressed with what they put together here, given the price for this set. It just puts what we get for the same price from Marvel Legends line to shame. Just wow. Great job!

Scrap Iron’s oddball codename in the Classified line is Dumas Pet.


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