G.i. Joe Classified # 75 Chuckles

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G.i. Joe Classified # 75 Chuckles

Chuckles’ box can be opened up (you have to cut the tape seals) to reveal this inner artwork.

Mini comic of Chuckles’ latest adventure.

I love how Chuckles is embossed on this page. It just makes the character pop even more.

Lol… I like how this shot makes it look like Baroness and the twins are trapped in the Phantom Zone…

Philip M. Provost is the Joe team’s undercover specialist. An intelligence and criminal investigations expert, Chuckles feels comfortable taking on missions that no one else wants. This usually involves infiltrating enemy organizations to get intel while keeping up appearances as part of his “cover”.

Personally, I was never a fan of the terrible blue on the vintage figure and it looks worse now. I wish Hasbro went with his shirt design from the 1985 movie, at least that was less garish.

Chuckles comes with his sidearm which can be holstered on his shoulder holster and a combat knife that can sheathed on his right thigh.

Chuckles also comes with his Walkman (hmm… it looks mighty familiar) and a pair of binoculars.

As part of his “story”, it seems like Chuckles gets captured or his cover is blown. Hence the cuffs.

But don’t worry, I’m sure ol’ resourceful Chuckles will find a way to break free of his bonds (after he gets roughed up a bit).

As part of the set’s “charm”, an alternate “beat up” head for Chuckles is included, along with an alternate set of hands that have knuckle dusters sculpted on them.

Most importantly, Chuckles comes with a briefcase, with a file folder (presumably important intel he managed to snatch from Extensive Enterprises).

Chuckles also comes with headphones and his shades packed away in a separate box.

Time for some R & R, Chuckles! You’ve earned it.

Overall, fairly decent. It’s great that we get another fan-favorite character added to the line, with the size of the box and this set being an SDCC exclusive, I was honestly expecting more in terms of accessories. Lots more. Seriously, while the figure itself is good and the concept of Chuckles getting beat up (and then presumably winning) is fun, I really wish Hasbro included more props for this undercover specialist. Sigh…

Hasbro’s oddball codename for Chuckles is PHL Longfellow Con.

Funfact: Chuckles dies in the line of duty in both the Devil’s Due and IDW comics runs. In Devil’s Due he was impaled with Overlord’s mechanical arm while helping Duke. In the IDW comics, he is killed when he detonates a Nuke in a Cobra station in order to kill Xamot. Thankfully, he’s still running around alive and well in the Larry Hama Joe comics.


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