G.i. Joe Classified # 76 Range Viper

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G.i. Joe Classified # 76 Range Viper

Prone to violence with a tendency to shoot first and ask questions later, these troopers are usually deployed deep behind enemy lines and left to fend for themselves. Recruited from the hardest of survivalists, Range Vipers are only given basic gear and then left to hunt for whatever else they need in the wild as well as raid from enemy outposts to provide additional ammo and weaponry.

In the DIC animated G.i. Joe series, Range Vipers served as the bulk of Cobra’s army. They served as front line troopers as well as field specialists (replacing the standard Vipers from the old Sunbow cartoons).

Interesting to note that the box art features “Dark Energon” from the Transformers, guess this guy is part of that particular plot arc Hasbro is pushing for the Classified Mole Rats.

Like the standard Vipers, these guys also come with neckerchiefs.

He also comes with a Sai dagger, instead of a conventional combat knife. A homage to the vintage toy’s accessory. The Sai can be sheathed in a belt loop on the figure’s left side.

I don’t recommend leaving the Sai on his belt for long though, it tends to bend and warp the Sai dagger over time.

The Range Viper also comes with a sidearm that surprisingly features “extended mags” equipped on it. Very cool.

The sidearm can be holstered on his right thigh.

Beautiful detail work on the backpack!

The hose connects to the back of the Range Viper’s head, just like with the vintage toy.

The set also provides the Range Viper with “climbing pick” AKA an ice axe.

The climbing pick can be mounted onto the side of the backpack.

For ranged weaponry, he comes with a grenade launcher (again, another homage to the vintage figure’s gear).

I love how the cylinder inside the launcher rotates!

Impressively, the launcher can be tucked into the backpack for storage. Very clever!

Lastly, instead of the original figure’s rocket launcher, the Range Viper comes with a SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) machine gun.

Removable ammo box.

Since these are meant to be Cobra’s Survival Specialists, they’re match up against Outback from the G.i. Joe team.

Overall, another great piece added to the Classified line roster. I love all the little details Hasbro packs into the figures in this line (it’s levels apart from what we’re getting with the Marvel Legends line these days). Kudos to the brand manager and design team.

Range Viper’s oddball codename in the Classified line is WES Eliot. This figure was released as a Target Exclusive in the US alongside Night Force Big Ben.


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