G.i. Joe Classified # 79 Tele-Viper & Cobra Trubble Bubble

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G.i. Joe Classified # 79 Tele-Viper & Cobra Trubble Bubble

Cobra Tele-Viper

Functioning as communications operatives when in the battlefield, Tele-Vipers send important intel back to Cobra Command regarding enemy troop movements and provide passive jamming to enemy comms in the area. Since they’re not outfitted with offensive battle gear, the Tele-Vipers generally function as ground support for other Cobra infantry and specialists.

I love the use of this particular shade of purple for these guys. It blends well with their outfits.

As part of their basic gear, all Tele-Vipers come with their Communipac backpack, which contain a VHF transceiver equipped with an automatic frequency hopper, a crypto unit and passive jamming and anti-jamming devices.

Interesting printed detail on the Tele-viper’s right forearm.

A scanner can be connected to the Communipac.

I’m not really sure what this scanner “scans”, but it does have a hole in the center for plugging in effects parts from other figures’ guns if you have them.

Supposedly, according to the old filecards, the scanner can produce microwaves and laser beams, but it’s not clear if these are meant for communications only, or if they’re actual offensive weaponry?

The scanner can be mounted on the backpack by pegging the trigger hole into the peg.

The set comes with alternate heads for the Tele-Viper.

“Fully Sealed” helmet. I guess this makes sense, since the Tele-Viper would probably need some sort of atmospheric gear for when the Flight Pod goes to high altitudes.

Solid Propellant SNK-7 Aerial Mine

Same as with the vintage toy, the aerial mine features an openable access panel for “arming the mine”. Cool!

Cobra Flight Pod (Trubble Bubble)

Warlock LR-3.8 Laser-Seeking Anti-tank Missiles – Interestingly, their mounts on the pod can be removed. I guess in case the mounts get broken and they can be easily replaced? The connection on the mounts aren’t that stable though. I wish this was executed better.

Just like in the vintage toy, the domed canopy can be opened up and the “Hydraulically Adjustable Control Console” can be moved forward

Seat belts! Plus check out the details on the panels inside.

Twin Vertical-Thrust High Bypass Ratio Turbofan engines

High-Reflex Synchronized Steering Rudders

Shell-proof Domed Flight Canopy features a printed HUD (Heads Up Display). Very nice detail.

Fire Control Computer Housing with Forward-Range Infra-Red Targeting Sensors and Control Pod Lateral Handgrip Firing Controls

1XM-97 Mini-Cannon

It’s a shame these come with a somewhat high price tag and are difficult to order (they aren’t readily available in Asia since they’re Hasbro HK Pulse Exclusives). I piggybacked on a friend’s order in Hong Kong to get two. I wouldn’t mind getting a few more if they ever offered these through regular retail.

Overall, I love it!!! I love the little painted/ printed details they included in the sculpts. It’s something 3D printed customs can’t do (yet?) and they just add a whole level of detail to the ship. The Tele-Viper is really good too! Another solid release for the Classified line. The development team really is doing great stuff for this line and it shows!


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