G.i. Joe Classified # 80 Ralph “Nunchuk” Badducci

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G.i. Joe Classified # 80 Ralph “Nunchuk” Badducci

Nunchuk serves as the G.i. Joe team’s chief Martial Arts instructor. Originally trained by the Blind Master and then by Storm Shadow himself (after he switched over to the Joe team). Nunchuk’s specialized training under Storm Shadow would eventually make him an unmatched master of the Nunchaku attack styles. His specialty is the “Samurai Smash” form.

The figure reuses parts from Kamakura.

Remember to peg in the tail end for his bandana to complete his look.

Nunchuk’s.. er… nunchuks can be stored into loops on his belt. The same goes for his twin swords.

It’s a shame Nunchuk doesn’t come with any firearms. Just his combat knife.

His knife can be sheathed on his webgear.

I kinda wish Hasbro gave us proper “roped” nunchuks instead of this. They look odd when he’s holding them with one hand.

The ‘chuks are too short to look impressive when he’s holding one with both hands. too.

Nunchuk comes with a pair of claws as a part of his arsenal.

Thanks to the figure’s butterfly shoulder joints, you can really go all out with posing him holding his weapons.

Lastly, Ralph comes with his trusty “double-edged samurai warrior swords”.

Overall, a very enjoyable figure with LOTS of gear. I was originally on the fence for this guy, since I was never a fan of the old Ninja Force sub-line, but after Hasbro announced that they’re doing Night Creeper ninjas…. well.. the Joes are going to need some ninja fighters of their own then (lol..).

Hasbro’s oddball codename for Nunchuck is FYTS Wells.


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