G.i. Joe Classified # 81 Cobra Eel

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G.i. Joe Classified # 81 Cobra Eel

The Eels are the Cobra organization’s frogmen, specializing in operating and maintaining Cobra’s marine outposts and naval vessels. Each Eel undergoes intense rigorous training to become experts in underwater combat and explosive ordinance.

The figure reuses body parts from Classified Torpedo, but comes with new webgear and head.

The Eel comes with a knife, which can be sheathed away in his lower left leg.

This new piece around the Eel’s collar is what makes him look different from Torpedo.

With his diving gear equipped.

There’s an “Eels” logo on his tank.

Hose connections.

I like the redesigned underwater jets for the Eel’s backpack.

Swim fins.

Display readout tampograph on his right arm.

Aside from his knife, the Eel comes with a speargun. Unfortunately, the gun tends to be bent right out of the box. I wish Hasbro did a better job here with the packaging.

I used a Third-Party display stand to get some more mileage out of this figure.

Overall, I like it. It’s a great 6” update to the classic Cobra frogman. I really wish Hasbro included more weaponry than just the knife and the spear gun, though. I also wish they packed the speargun better. I hear they’re doing a “retro” version for the Eel down the road. I wonder if it will be worth getting those, since I already did an army build with this model.

Hasbro’s oddball codename for the Cobra Eel is ADV Andersen. It was released as a Hasbro Pulse Exclusive.


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