G.i. Joe Classified # 83 Tunnel Rat

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G.i. Joe Classified # 83 Tunnel Rat

Nicky Lee is the Joe team’s explosive ordnance disposal expert (similar to Tripwire). Always ready to crawl through anything to get behind enemy lines and get the job done, Tunnel Rat is a highly motivated and extremely resourceful Joe operative. Raised Brooklyn, Tunnel Rat speaks with a New York accent.

Lol.. so there’s no confusion who he is.

The set comes with a really cool-looking night vision headgear setup for Tunnel Rat.

As a throwback to the vintage toy, his backpack can hold two flashlights.

As a throwback to the original toy, Tunnel Rat comes with his man-purse/ explosives satchel.

The figure comes with a .38 caliber revolver that can be holstered on his shoulder holster, along with a survival knife that can be sheathed on his left thigh.

For more stopping power, Tunnel Rat comes with his heavy machine gun, complete with night vision scope.

Removable ammo box for the heavy machine gun.

The machine gun has deployable front bi-pods to help steady the shooter’s aim.

Lastly, in case you never heard about it, Tunnel Rat’s facial sculpt is based off of legendary G.i. Joe comic creator Larry Hama (from when he was younger).

Overall, I love it! Hasbro did this fella right! Almost everything on the figure itself is made from new tooling, the little details like the shoulder tampo are cool. His accessories are very nice nods to the vintage toy and everything comes together very, very nicely. One of the best figures to come out in the line for the Joe team for sure!

Hasbro’s oddball codename for Tunnel Rat is Dickens.


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