G.i. Joe Classified # 86 Low-light

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G.i. Joe Classified # 86 Low-light

Cooper G. MacBride is the Joe team’s expert night spotter. Traumatized at a young age into being afraid of the dark, Low-light eventually overcomes his fears by adapting to it and becomes one of the Joe team’s most valuable members for night operations and as a superb sharpshooter.

While he may have overcome his paralyzing fear of the dark from his childhood, he’s still actually very uncomfortable being immersed all around in it. Low Light always needs to wear his night vision goggles to help the darkness at bay.

Being an extremely private person, Low-light rarely talks to his fellow Joes, preferring to keep to himself. But the team knows they can always count on Low-light when they need him.

Low-light actually comes out of the package with his goggles removed. We never actually see what he looked like in the Sunbow cartoons without his goggles.

Low-light comes with a knife that can be sheathed on his right leg.

For enclosed firefights, he comes with a submachine gun.

The ammo magazine can be removed from the SMG.

The SMG can be pegged onto his backpack when not in use.

He comes with a weapons case for his sniper rifle.

The weapons case can be pegged onto his back.

… followed by his backpack then pegging into the weapons case. Amazing!

His rifle is stowed in the case disassembled into several parts. Pretty darn cool.

Lastly, Low-light comes with an anemometer that gauges wind speed direction, one of the essential tools for a sniper.

I really love how versatile this figure is and how awesome he looks when he’s holding his sniper rifle. Just wow.

Overall, I love it! It may be just sentimental value, but I always had a soft spot for Low-light since he was my second Joe figure ever (my first was Wet-suit). This set is so darn amazing, it totally blows away my expectations for it. So I am definitely more than happy to get one of my favorite Joe characters in the Classified line.

Admittedly, while the set is pretty great, it’s not absolutely perfect, as there seems to be a minor problem with his waist joint being too tight to rotate properly, I think it’s a general QC problem (just like Dr. Mindbender’s shoulder stains), so that’s unfortunate.

Hasbro’s oddball codename for Low Light is Woolf.


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