G.i. Joe Classified # 87 Grunt

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G.i. Joe Classified # 87 Grunt

The original “everyman” G.i. Joe army trooper, Robert W. Graves served as the infantry backbone of the team. Cool under enemy fire, Grunt could deal with the best of them under the toughest conditions.

In the original G.i. Joe Marvel comics run, Grunt is the only Joe who chooses to retire from the G.i. Joe team to pursue a quiet civilian life after getting his engineering degree.

Naturally, Grunt’s helmet can be taken off.

Grunt’s sidearm is holstered on his left hip. His knife can be sheathed onto his webgear.

The gadget on his vest is called a “fold-down team awareness device” and can be removed and opened to reveal a mini-monitor.

Grunt comes with his trusty, standard-issue M16 rifle.

Like most of Joe Classified rifles, the ammo magazine can be removed.

The set gives Grunt an alternate Steel Brigade helmeted head so you can army build him if you so choose.

Grunt also comes with rifle modelled after the classic laser rifles the Joes all used in the Sunbow cartoons. I do wish it was molded in beige colors to properly match the cartoon models though, ah well…

Lastly, both of his weapons can be stowed on his backpack. Personally, I still find it odd it has to peg into the triggers, though.

Overall, pretty good. Another pretty solid release for the Classified series. At least the head sculpt is back to “acceptable levels” compared to how poor it was with Falcon (speaking of which I’ve seen folks use Grunt’s head in place of Falcon’s. I think it works). A part of me wishes they gave Grunt his classic-styled webgear, along with molding his gun in the proper cartoon colors, but I guess that’s just me. The figure looks great, even if it doesn’t adhere too much to the previous design style.

On a side note, I think it’s wonderful that Hasbro managed to find that balance between “modernizing” the line while giving old collectors somethings to like as well.

Hasbro’s oddball codename for Grunt is Lovecraft


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