G.i. Joe Classified # 90 Jodie “Shooter” Craig

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G.i. Joe Classified # 90 Jodie “Shooter” Craig

The previously unseen 14th member of the original G.i. Joe team only known as “Shooter”, Jodie “Shooter” Craig is the Joe team’s original sniper. An expert marksman, she can take her targets down from hundreds of meters away all while maintaining cover.

The figure shares a lot of her parts with Classified Lady Jaye.

Yeah, I can easily see actress Zoe Saldana as the inspiration for this figure’s head sculpt.

The figure certainly reminds me of Zoe’s appearance as a mercenary in the 2010 action movie “The Losers”.

Shooter comes with her gas mask equipped by default.

Like Classified Lady Jaye, Jodie comes with a removable hairpiece.

The set offers two alternate hairstyles for the figure.

One set comes with her having dreadlocks in her hair.

While the second set offers a semi-ponytail look.

She comes with sneakers instead of boots for some reason, I think some collectors weren’t happy with this design choice?

Her left arm sports an interesting Snake and tattoo.

Shooter comes with a combat knife, which is sheathed on her vest, as well as a gun that’s holstered on her right leg.

In the original Marvel Comics, this character was named after then-editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics, Jim Shooter.

For heavy firepower, she comes with a huge Anti-Material Rifle (AMR).

Of course, the ammo cartridge for the rifle can be removed.

The set comes with an attachment piece that can be pegged into the figure’s back to serve as a hard point to stow the sniper rifle.

Unfortunately, due the figure’s design, she can’t lay down and look up to aim her AMR on the ground (unlike Low-light).

The AMR doesn’t have a bipod either so it’s awkward to pose it on a surface.

Thankfully, she still looks really bada$$ when she’s aiming her rifle standing up.

“I’ve got the HISS Tank in my sights!”

Overall, a pretty cool figure. I love the headsculpt and the optional hairpieces they included here. The decision to include an Anti-Material Rifle instead of a standard sniper rifle for her is a pretty awesome choice too. A few minor misses though (she can’t look up and no bipod for the rifle), but at the end of it all, it’s another great figure added to the Classified ranks.

Hasbro’s oddball codename for Shooter is WES Hugo. Since this figure is under the Night Force sub-group, it’s a Target Exclusive.


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