G.i. Joe Classified # 93 Snow Serpent

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G.i. Joe Classified # 93 Snow Serpent

Cobra’s arctic specialists. Trained from the ranks of the already elite Eels, the Snow Serpents are considered the “best of the best” among the Cobra operatives. Usually armed with anti-tank/ anti-armor weaponry, the Snow Serpents are a formidable force that can operate even in the harshest arctic conditions.

I love the tampo details on the figure’s biceps.

The figure comes with goggles for arctic weather.

Snow Serpent comes with two sidearms. Each can be holstered on each leg.

Do note that the Snow Serpent’s hands are VERY stiff, so getting them to hold guns can be a bit of a chore.

He also comes with a knife; I don’t think this can be sheathed anywhere on the figure? I think this is the first time this has happened in the line?

The Snow Serpent also comes with a “scoped pistol”. They sort of remind me of the “laser rifles” Cobra uses in the old Sunbow cartoons.

Removable ammo clip for the scooped pistol.

For arctic gear, naturally, the Snow Serpent comes with snow shoes as part of his standard gear for traversing across thick layers of snow.

The set also comes with a snow board for the Snow Serpent.

Check out the printed details on the underside of the board. Neat!

Lol… I wonder if this “wolf skin” fur cloak supposed to be Snake Eye’s pet wolf, Timber? Or is it just a random wolf made into a pelt? What would Snake Eyes say??

Yeah! Nothing more fashionable than wearing your enemy’s favorite pet as a trophy.

Too bad the cowl severely limits the head articulation on the figure once equipped.

For added firepower, Snow Serpents come with machine guns.

As usual, the long firearm comes with removable ammo magazine.

Lastly, as a part of their standard equipment, Cobra Snow Serpents come equipped with anti-tank rocket launchers to take out enemy armored units.

He comes with a backpack for storing extra rockets. Too bad the rifles can’t be stowed on the Snow Serpent’s backpack.

The rocket launcher and backpack are the same as the one that came with Classified Bazooka, which features an openable loading chamber for reloading the rocket.

Snow Serpent loaded for bear!

Overall, an impressive set. He comes with an insane amount of gear and even though some of them are reuses from other Classified figures, it’s still very impressive. I love the details here and that wolf fur cloak is a really nice bonus!

Granted he is priced as a Deluxe figure (like Snow Job), but I really think I got my money’s worth with this set. The G.i. Joe Brand team really keeps making solid hits with this line and I love it!

Hasbro’s oddball codename for Snow Serpent is Doyle.


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