G.i. Joe Classified # 95 Steel Corps (Steel Brigade) 2-pack

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G.i. Joe Classified # 95 Steel Corps (Steel Brigade) 2-pack

Intended to be a personalized figure of yourself that could be inserted as a part of one’s G.i. Joe collection back in the day, Steel Brigade gets a shiny, new updated look as it joins the G.i. Joe Classified line.

The body shares parts with Beachhead.

Previously, the original vintage figure was only available as a male body. This time around, Hasbro decided to even things out and provide a female counterpart for Steel Brigade to buddy up with.

The body shares parts from Wave 1’s Scarlett.

The shoulder armor is different for each figure, naturally.

The shoulder pads can also be removed if you want a more classic look for the Steel Brigade figure.

While not immediately obvious, the helmets are also slightly different. The female head is smaller than the male’s.

As the female figure is a reuse of Scarlett, she only has single elbow joints sadly.

Both male and female figures come with a holstered sidearm on their right thigh and a knife sheathed on the vests.

Steel Brigade comes with two different rifles. Both of which feature removable ammo magazines.

Dual wield!

The set comes with a plethora of effects parts! It’s insane!

Lastly, the set comes with twin jetpacks for the duo!

They even come with effects parts. But remember to be very careful not to lose the connection pins for the effects parts. They can come off and get stuck in the jetpacks’ nozzles.

There are also alternate helmets for when the Steel Corps are using their jetpacks.

I had to use a third-party display base to get more mileage out of the jetpacks.

Overall, a pretty crazy impressive two-pack. Hasbro practically included everything except the kitchen sink here. Lots of weapons, helmets and even effects parts! It’s bananas and I just love it! It’s also really cool they decided to include a female counterpart to the old Steel Brigade concept. The Hasbro Joe Brand managers are really putting some thought into their stuff and I’m very grateful. Kudos to them!

Hasbro’s oddball codename for the Steel Corps 2-pack was Proust. This set was released as an Amazon exclusive.


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