G.i. Joe Classified Dr. Mindbender

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G.i. Joe Classified Dr. Mindbender

I REALLY love the artwork on the box!!

Removable box sleeve

Originally a kind-hearted orthodontist, Dr. Bender invented a machine to help relieve dental pain. While experimenting on himself, the project goes haywire and rewrites his entire personality. Becoming hateful and evil, he renames himself Dr. Mindbender, joins Cobra and becomes its chief scientist. While his primary interest lies in brain-scrambling technology, his genius is also quite adept in mind-control, genetics, cloning and even cybernetics.

Sigh so it seems that my copy does come with the dreaded “stained shoulders” quality control issue caused by the figure’s cape. Drats… I think everyone’s copy is like this?

I love the clear monocle they gave this guy! Very nice execution. I was half expecting a silver painted monacle. Nicely done, design team!

His outfit is very reminiscent of the classic look, down the codpiece!

It’s too bad the back of his cape doesn’t have the Cobra logo like on the old vintage toy, but then again, he never had it in the cartoons either, so for cartoon accuracy purposes, I guess it’s fine.

The set comes with small and large upside-down tubes for doc to place experiments in.

These little pieces (electrodes?) are meant to be plugged into the sides of the bases for added visual effect. Too bad there’s only one set though, so you can’t can’t have both tubes have plugs at the same time.

The set comes with a human skull accessory, the top of which can be removed, so you can plug in the little brain piece.

The brain can also be plugged into the base of the smaller red tube.

Aside from the brain, there’s a freakish-looking severed hand included too. The hand can also be pegged into the base of the larger tube for a matching set.

For weaponry, the good doctor comes with this little pistol.

His pistol can be holstered on his right leg.

Dr. Mindbender also comes with a little injection gun, for use on his test subjects.

Lastly, he also comes with his iconic electric prod and portable generator, both of which are throwbacks to the original vintage figure’s accessories.

The generator can be pegged onto the doc’s left back side.

Good to go!

Have prod.. will poke!

Finally, Doctor Mindbender also comes with an alternate electric prod that seems more suited as a weapon for discharging electric bolts at pesky Joes.

Overall, I love it! This set perfectly represents one of the most iconic Cobra characters from the original cartoons! Complete with lots of really good accessories to boot! The visual look of this figure is just stunning, it easily puts the other Cobra figures we’ve gotten so far to shame.

The only downside is that the dye from his cape leeches into the plastic parts of his shoulders, staining them black. My unit came with such issues (I think it’s the same for everybody). Hasbro QC is really going downhill (more than usual) as of late.

Funfact: The oddball codename for this set from Hasbro is called “Callisto”.


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