G.i. Joe Classified Retro Carded Recondo

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G.i. Joe Classified Retro Carded Recondo

As the G.i. Joe team’s original jungle operations specialist, Daniel M. LeClaire is an expert in jungle warfare. Recondo thrives when he’s in his element, which is in deep, dense vegetation and sweltering heat. On the flipside, he’s the least suited for cold weather missions and prefers to operate in missions that involve the tropics.

The figure is a straight up redeco of the previously-released Tiger Force Recondo, now done in his V1 “cartoon-accurate” colors. The figure shares parts with Classified Duke from wave 1.

Just like before, Recondo’s hat is removable.

He also comes with his rucksack, which carries all necessary gear and provisions.

Of course, as a jungle specialist, Recondo comes with his machete to help him cut through dense forestation.

His machete can be sheathed on his left leg.

For small firearms, Recondo has a pistol that’s holstered on the front of his webgear.

For more firepower, Recondo comes with a sub-machine gun.

Removable ammo mag, same as before.

Overall, pretty good. Another great update to a classic Joe character that pays homage to what came with the vintage design. The only downside here for me is that he doesn’t come with alternate hands, unlike his wave-mates, so that is unfortunate.

Personally, I’m actually pretty surprised it took Hasbro so long to release this figure, since all they had to do was redeco the Tiger Force release. Strange.

I’m not 100% sure but I don’t think Hasbro has an oddball codename for Retro Carded Recondo? At least that’s how it seems based on the shipper box alone. The shipper box indicates the actual character name now, no more “oddball codenames” printed outside, unlike before.


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