G.i. Joe Classified Retro Carded Scarlett

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G.i. Joe Classified Retro Carded Scarlett

Functioning as the G.i. Joe team’s chief counter-intelligence officer, Shana M. O’Hara is tasked with protecting any and all classified G.i. Joe intel and secrets from the prying eyes of enemy organizations (namely Cobra). As one of the original fourteen founding members of the G.i. Joe team, Scarlett is invaluable to G.i. Joe and is the team’s first female member.

Hmm.. not quite the pretty headsculpt I was hoping for with this figure.

At least they finally got her outfit right.

Scarlett comes with two different variations for her ponytail.

The longer one comes into play when you equip her backpack.

She comes with a sidearm and knife.

Her knife can be sheathed on her left leg, while it seems her sidearm has nowhere to go?

The designers kind of messed up the knife handle here, Scarlett’s palms have too much space in them, so she can’t really properly hold her knife. This was about as good as I could get it to go before the knife falls out of her hand.

It’s interesting to see she has a concealed smaller firearm under her left forearm. Too bad it can’t be removed.

Also, the shuriken on her left glove cannot be removed. A pity.

Scarlett comes with a backpack that can hold both of her rifles. The rifles can be pegged onto the sides of her backpack.

For firepower. She comes with two rifles. First up, an M-16-type rifle.

Obligatory “removable ammo magazine” shot.

Next, Scarlett also comes with one of the “laser rifles” that we see the Joes use against Cobra in the Sunbow cartoons.

Sigh.. similar to Retro Carded Duke, Scarlett’s rifle is still not show accurate in terms of color (it’s supposed to be tanned color).

As a somewhat covert operative (she’s usually paired with Snake Eyes), it’s strange to see her packing so many rifles. I don’t think we ever got a scene of Scarlett packing dual rifles?

While well versed in several different guns and rifles, Scarlett’s favorite weapon of choice is her iconic XK-1 power crossbow.

She comes with four different arrow types.

Her arrows can be stored in the quiver on her right side.

The best part is, her arrows can actually be loaded onto her crossbow. Nice.

According to notes from the original 1980’s Sunbow cartoons, Scarlett was indeed meant to be romantically involved with Duke, which is a far different scenario from the classic Marvel Comics runs, where Scarlett was instead in a relationship with Snake Eyes (Duke would later to be revealed to be actually married to a doctor in the ARAH IDW-era comics). Scarlett would also be romantically linked to Mainframe in the IDW non-Larry Hama comics saga.

Overall, pretty good. Lots of accessories and weapons, plus Scarlett in her classic threads all equal a really good set. I was half-expecting Hasbro to just include a crossbow for her weaponry and call it a day (the vintage 3.75” toy only came with a crossbow for its accessory). Thankfully, this isn’t the case.

My only gripe would probably be the face sculpt. It’s not too bad, but it’s a bit lacking compared to the fantastic face sculpts the Marvel Legends team has been making with their female figures. Swap in a Rogue or a Black Widow comics-styled head and you’ve got an improved figure right there. Sigh..

I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t think Hasbro has an oddball codename for Retro Carded Scarlett? At least that’s how it seems based on the shipper box alone. The shipper box indicates the actual character now, no more “oddball codenames” printed outside, unlike before.


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