G.i. Joe Classified Retro Crimson Guard

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G.i. Joe Classified Retro Crimson Guard

The most elite of Cobra’s legions and loyal only to Cobra Commander, the Crimson Guards are rarely deployed to the expendable front lines. Their primary function is to infiltrate the highest orders of political and legal offices in order to advance Cobra’s influence. They also serve as Cobra Commander’s personal guard.

The figure is a straight up redeco of the Classified mass retail version Crimson Guard, but follows the cartoon model more closely. This figure is exclusive only to Walmart in the US.

The Crimson Guard comes with a combat knife that can be sheathed on his right hip.

He also comes with a sword that can be sheathed on his left hip, as well as a sidearm that can be holstered on his left thigh.

Combat knife


The Crimson Guard comes with a backpack than can stow his sword and rifle.

Same as before, you’ll have to peg the rifle into backpack via its trigger hole though.

While never seen used in the old G.i. Joe cartoons, the Crimson Guard does come with a cutlass type of sword as part of its standard gear.

Lastly, this “Cobra elite” comes with his usual rifle, complete with bayonet.

Comparison with the regular release Classified Crimson Guard.

Funfact: Retro Carded Crimson Guard’s oddball codename is “Betelgeuse”, same as with the regular Classified version.

Overall, pretty good. I definitely prefer this version over the regular release, mainly due to the more “cartoon accurate” shade of red and the classic-cardback-inspired packaging Hasbro used on this figure. Plus, it’s much easier to get and army build this variant since it’s being offered as solid cases compared to how the mass retail version was being sold as only two per case.


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