G.i. Joe Classified Retro Zartan

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G.i. Joe Classified Retro Zartan

Not much is known about Cobra’s “Master of Disguise”, but Zartan is a mercenary who can easily infiltrate areas with even the highest security levels by simply impersonating anyone, down to their inherent ticks and mannerisms. Equipped with a high tech backpack that can generate life-like masks based on Zartan’s needs, Zartan can become anyone and go anywhere!

A skilled martial artist, polglot (someone who speaks over 20 languages and dialects) and acrobat, Zartan is a resourceful and formidable adversary.

The figure is a redeco of the mass retail release Classified #23 Zartan, with a closer resemblance to the Sunbow Animation models.

Zartan’s knife can be sheathed on his backside.

Same as before, Zartan’s neckerchief can be removed, and that’s actually how I prefer it, since it matches up better with the animation models.

We finally get a painted belt buckle for this guy.

The hole in his belt is a leftover gimmick from the Ver. 1 release of Classified Zartan, where you could mount the “monkey paw” and “snake head” accessories from that set onto Zartan’s belt. I have no clue what the context was for that, since it was never shown in the comics (I think).

In the cartoons, we never get the impression that he was bald, it seemed more like his hood was his hair? I think I prefer non-bald Zartan.

For added weaponry, Zartan comes with the same pistol as before.

Zartan’s backpack actually features some additional paint apps over its predecessors.

His pistol can be pegged into the side of the backpack.

The backpack opens up to reveal his mask-generating tech.

Admittedly, I have no idea who this face belongs to, Gung-ho? Sgt. Slaughter? Shipwreck??

Overall, I’m glad I didn’t open any of the earlier releases of this guy, this is the version that best matches the cartoon look for Zartan and I am very pleased with how this one turned out out. While he is missing most of his weapons from the deluxe set, I don’t really mind, since we rarely see him use those weapons (if at all) in the old Sunbow cartoons anyway.

Here’s hoping Duke and Scarlett also get the “classic/retro” treatment soon.

Funfact: According to ARAH creator Larry Hama, Zartan’s name is an anagram for “Tarzan”.


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