G.i. Joe Classified Series 06 Regal Cobra Commander

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G.i. Joe Classified Series 06 Regal Cobra Commander

The mysterious man behind the terrorist organization, Cobra. Ruthless, cunning and egomaniacal, Cobra Commander is a highly dangerous individual. His origins vary depending on the media, in some cases he’s a disgruntled used-car salesman, in others, he’s an agent from an ancient civilization. Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain, he will stop at nothing to conquer the world!

I wasn’t really sure which version of ol’ CC to go with for the Classified line, this, or the darker-colored mass retail version, seeing as how this guy’s colors do indeed remind me of Cap’n Crunch of the breakfast cereal fame. In the end, this version’s shade of blue seems to be the better choice, since it makes him stand out more when you place him next to the darker-colored troopers, Vipers and Cobra hierarchy gang.

Can’t say I like how the mid-torso joint kind of poses the body awkwardly.

He comes with a unique Cobra-themed pistol.

Lastly, he comes with a Cobra-themed short sword as well.

I tried removing his golden belt and shoulder webbing to see if it would make the figure a less of ostentatious, it helps a bit but he really needs a belt or something to make his shirt less boring to look at.

G.i. Joe against Cobra and Destro….

6/7/22 Addendum: After finally playing the G.i. Joe: Operation Blackout videogame, I realized this figure’s color scheme was the one used in the game, not the regular release. Interesting. His pistol is also called the “Hiss of Obedience” and it’s a pretty powerful pistol in the game.

The world will bow before the might of Cobra!


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