G.i. Joe Classified Series 13 Baroness with Cobra C.O.I.L.

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G.i. Joe Classified Series 13 Baroness with Cobra C.O.I.L.

Anastasia DeCobray was a spoiled daughter of wealthy European aristocrats, later becoming radicalized and joining upper ranks of the terrorist organization Cobra to “watch the world burn” just for kicks. An expert undercover agent, the Baroness is a master of disguise and sabotage. She is also proficient in several different languages and an expert on various types of firearms. She is romantically linked to the Cobra arms dealer, Destro.

I really love the details on her outfit. But I’m not too crazy about the gold highlights on her glasses though. I am super glad Hasbro didn’t put in the silly purple highlights for her hair like we see in the G.i. Joe video game. Also, one of the big let downs for most fans is that the figure has somewhat limited elbow articulation due to her design.

She comes with a Cobra-themed dagger.

The dagger can be sheathed on her left thigh but the handle can get in the way of her leg articulation.

She also comes with twin gold pistols.

The pistols can be holstered behind her.

Baroness also comes with two big rifles.

Guess she’s stronger than she looks to be able to dual wield these?

Lastly, she comes with some fancy Cobra gun thingy? Not really sure what this is supposed to be, but it looks really detailed.

C.O.I.L. bike

C.O.I.L. stands for well… I’m not really sure. It seems like nobody knows? Hasbro should really make an attempt to include the actual words behind their acronyms on the packaging.

The rifles can be attached to her bike.

A really cool feature of this bike is the use of ball joints on the handlebars, allowing any 6-inch figure to properly grip them regardless of the limits of their elbow articulation. The bike also turns when you move the handlebars, just like on actual bikes. Nicely done Hasbro design team.

Baroness comes with an alternate “helmeted” head for riding the bike. Always practice safety, kids.

The tires on the bike are plastic and wide enough that they provide enough balance for the bike so even a figure can be placed on it, without the use of the kickstand.

I find it quite fitting that our starting Cobra Command lineup for the Classified series is comprised of these three. The huge downside here is that this set was a huge pain to acquire thanks to Hasbro making it a Target exclusive and I really hope Hasbro reissues her for collectors to get, even without the bike.

6/7/22 Addendum: After finally playing the G.i. Joe: Operation Blackout videogame, I can honestly say I’m glad they toned down her looks from the game with this figure and didn’t copy the look from the game completely (purple highlights in her hair). In the game, she uses a M.A.R.S. Gorgon rifle as her main weapon. Too bad it’s not included here.


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