G.i. Joe Classified Series 14 Arctic Mission Storm Shadow

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G.i. Joe Classified Series 14 Arctic Mission Storm Shadow

The Cobra organization’s most dangerous assassin and Cobra Commander’s personal bodyguard, Storm Shadow reports directly to Cobra Commander. Absolutely loyal to Cobra, Storm Shadow is a martial arts expert and heir to leadership of the secret Arashikage ninja clan.

I’m not a big fan of using this version of Storm Shadow as a Cobra agent, as this particular look more closely resembles the character’s uniform when he later on switched sides and joined the Joes.

His hood can be removed.

While the sword can be pegged into the arrow quiver, there’s no where to place the spare arrow on the quiver, I think?

Storm Shadow comes with a grappling hook. I didn’t bother unfurling the line since I don’t think it will be easy spooling it back together.

Kama (?) blade

The set comes with a bow and arrow.

Too bad the arrow is all white, they didn’t bother to paint the arrow to make it match the ones in his quiver.

Too bad the set doesn’t come with throwing stars.

Lastly, Storm Shadow comes with his trusty Katana blade.

Overall, a pretty decent set. I will most likely place this guy in with the Joes as one of the good guys, and use the Fwoosh Articulated Icons white Ninja as my Cobra Storm Shadow until Hasbro can get its act together and give us a proper classic Storm Shadow figure.

*Note: Storm Shadow was released as a single figure as an Amazon Exclusive.


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