G.i. Joe Classified Series #28 Heavy Artillery Roadblock

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G.i. Joe Classified Series #28 Heavy Artillery Roadblock

Marvin F. Hinton is G.i. Joe team’s premier heavy machine gunners. During downtime, the big guy also serves as the team’s cook. In the Sunbow cartoon series, Roadblock also likes to speak in rhymes when talking to his fellow Joes. A pretty cool personality for a character to have actually. I don’t think he did rhyming much in the comics though.

He comes with a big, honking sidearm.

The sidearm can be holstered on his right thigh.

Instead of his usual M2 Browning .50 Cal heavy machine gun, Hasbro decided to include a Gatling gun for Roadblock. It’s the same Gatling gun that came with Breaker’s Ram Cycle sidecar.

The Gatling gun’s ammo drum can be removed.

Hasbro actually included a helmet for Roadblock this time around.

Roadblock looks really angry here for some reason. Guess maybe Cobra evicted his uncle Caleb Bronson and aunt Sarah from their diner again? (See the episode “Red Rocket’s Glare”).

Comparison with the Ver 1.5 Roadblock.

Overall, I am super happy Hasbro did a course correction to the Classified line and dropped the previous design choices from the Operation Blackout video game and decided to do homage to the classic A Real American Hero line, this figure is so much better than the previous Roadblocks released in the Classified series. Hopefully, at some point down the line, we’ll a proper .50 Cal machine gun for this guy.

Hmm.. now what am I going to do with the V1 Roadblock(s)?


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