G.i. Joe Classified Series #31 Deluxe Zartan (Master of Disguise)

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G.i. Joe Classified Series #31 Deluxe Zartan (Master of Disguise)

Rotating this dial will move the faces on the box front.

Alternate “faces” for Zartan: Snake Eyes, Hard Master, Storm Shadow, Soft Master, Dreadnok(?)

You can pry open the tape seals on this package (without cutting them) to reveal the tray layout on this set. Pretty impressive!!

This version of Zartan features a whole lot of newly added extra accessories, including spare faces and more weapons from the original release. Including a bow and arrow set with quiver, plus a big sniper rifle!

Alternate heads

The figure also features a “color-changing” gimmick as a throwback to the vintage toy. The figure’s “skin” turns blue when under very cold temperatures, as a reference to Zartan’s weakness to sunlight in the Sunbow cartoons. I’m not really a fan of this though, as I worry that the figure’s plastic will eventually turn yellow or greenish due to the material degrading over time. I hope I’m wrong though.

I was actually all set to open this one, but after the latest Hasbro live streams revealed that a third version of Zartan would be coming in under the “Retro Carded” sub-line, featuring better Sunbow cartoon- accurate colors, I decided to keep this one sealed as well and open that one instead.


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