G.i. Joe Classified Series Cobra Island Wave 1 10 Beach Head

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G.i. Joe Classified Series Cobra Island Wave 1 10 Beach Head

One of the toughest and gruffest members of the Joe Team, Beach Head can be a bit of a jerk. Wayne here will hold no words nor punches back when it comes to disciplining members of the Joe team. He’s also established as the fourth highest ranking officer (after Hawk, Duke and Flint) on the G.i. Joe team based on a dialogue in first episode of “Arise, Serpentor”.

He can sheath his knife on his left leg.

He also comes with a holster for his sidearm.

I’m not entirely sure what these are supposed to be on his left thigh, ammo clips?

His shin guard plates aren’t so bad compared to the other Joes, but it seems we get more clearance in terms of articulation with the plate placed on the back.

I recommend removing the knife sheath straps before rotating the boot.

See? More clearance.

I got this figure a while back on Ebay before it got a local release. I really wanted the brown eyes version of this guy since it was more cartoon accurate, but since he’s hard to get, I guess I’ll have to settle for blue.

Beach Head comes with a beret too.

The figure comes with a crossbow weapon.

When not in use, the crossbow can be placed on his backpack.

Lastly Beach Head comes with his rifle.

Sigh… why did you have to color it green, Hasbro, why?

I love how he can look like he’s viewing a target through the view scope, thanks to the slightly winking left eye.

Overall, an awesome figure! I think this was where the G.i. Joe Classified line starts to move away from the silly “sci-fi” designs they started with and going towards more the classic, military look. It’s far from perfectly capturing the OG Beach Head, but I’m happy to have this guy. Beach Head was one of my top 5 Joes back in the day, thanks to the unintentional humor the brought to the show.

*Note: Beach Head was released alongside Cobra Island Cobra Trooper and V2 Roadblock, all as Target exclusives.


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