G.i. Joe Classified Series Wave 4

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G.i. Joe Classified Series Wave 4

25 Lady Jaye
26 Flint

I gotta say, I am loving the increasing number of characters on the art on the back of the boxes. So I guess the Alley Vipers are going to get releases down the road?

25 Lady Jaye

Lady Jaye is the Joe Team’s undercover specialist, capable of using disguises to go behind enemy lines or keep tabs on Cobra targets. She even impersonated the Baroness on some occasions.

In an interesting design choice, Lady Jaye’s hair can be removed and replaced with her cap. It looks funny, but I honestly love it!


The cap looks really good and I am glad Hasbro didn’t decide to make it an add-on accessory to a head full of hair, it would look wonky.

She comes with a small knife which can be sheathed on her belt.

Her backpack comes with some sort of scanning tech?

In the G.i. Joe cartoons, her javelins have various functions, from having explosive tips, to diamond tips, to even having energy emitters and even giant oxygen bubble producing abilities. Wild!

She comes with 2 javelins, with removable tips, you can equip the explosive tip on any of the spears.

Her backpack can hold one javelin.

In case throwing the javelin wasn’t a practical option, she comes with a javelin gun to fire over wide distances (is this even a real thing?)

Overall, I love it! Hasbro did this figure all right. The pants could’ve been closer to the Sunbow cartoon design, but it’s not a deal breaker. I love the head sculpt on Jaye and she looks great! Great job on this one, Hasbro!

26 Flint

Third in command in the G.i. Joe cartoons (officially, as a warrant officer, he should outrank Duke, who is just a sergeant, though), Flint is headstrong and tough. Dedicated to stopping Cobra at all cost. He was more often seen leading the Joes instead of Duke in the later Sunbow episodes for some reason.

Welp… as usual, I’m not a fan of the armor plates for shins on the Joes, so a quick turn around fixes this problem for me.

Flint’s beret can be removed. His face does have a weird scar on his left eye, which is a bit annoying since 1. He never had a scar like that anywhere in any media and 2. Even duke has a scar on his face. What is up with that??

I’m also not a big fan of the body armor used on this guy, he’s the only Joe thus far that has body armor, while having shotgun shells strapped next to it? Not a fan of that design choice.

Flint’s shotgun can be holstered on his back.

The shotgun can be split open, as if to “reload”, thanks to a hinge joint on it.

“Lock and load!”

Aside from his shotgun, flint comes with his trusty sidearm.

Overall, Not bad, but the weird scar on his eye does bug me a lot, since he doesn’t have that in any media and the body armor design does distract a bit (Duke didn’t have body armor, why does Flint?), but it does the job of making Flint look like Flint. I guess it will have to do until Hasbro decides to give us a proper OG version of the character.

The full wave

I love the fact that Hasbro decided to group these two into a single wave. It seems really fitting they be together.

*Note: Flint and Lady Jaye were released as a case of 2x Flints, 2x Lady Jayes and 2x reissue Cobra Commanders in a case of 6.


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