G.i. Joe Classified Wave 10

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G.i. Joe Classified Wave 10

G.i. Joe Classified # 48 Zarana
G.i. Joe Classified # 49 Dusty
G.i. Joe Classified # 50 Crimson Guard

G.i. Joe Classified # 48 Zarana

Zarana is Zartan’s sister. A member of his brother’s biker gang, the Dreadnoks, Zarana is a professional assassin. Similar to her brother, she, too, is a master of disguise and can easily infiltrate the most secured of military installations. She is also an expert in firearms and explosives.

Her outfit sure fits in with her “punk” vibe.

Like most Hasbro 6″ offerings now, she features “drop down” legs, allowing for wider range of articulation.

She also features pinless arms and leg joints.

In case you missed the old “classic” hairstyle, Hasbro’s got you covered. Her hair can be removed and replaced with her vintage hairstyle.

For weaponry, she comes with a dagger, which can be sheathed on her right thigh.

Unfortunately, sheathing the dagger will get in the way of her leg articulation, not to mention possibly damage the knife sheathe.

She also comes with a “heat blade” for cutting metal.

In her original concept before she came out in the cartoons, she was supposed to share the same color-changing abilities as her brother, Zartan, as well as the aversion to sunlight. This was eventually dropped.

The blade can be stored in her backpack when not in use.

Lastly, Zarana comes with a rifle that comes with a cutting saw mounted underneath.

The rifle features a removable ammo clip too!

Hehe. I think I definitely prefer the “modern” hairstyle for her.

In the Sunbow cartoon series, she eventually gets romantically involved with Mainframe. In the DIC cartoons, she hooks up with Destro after the latter breaks up with the Baroness.

G.i. Joe Classified # 49 Dusty

Ronald W. Tadur grew up in the desert fields of Nevada, enlisting in the army, he eventually joined G.i. Joe as the team’s desert specialist. Fluent in various languages including Hebrew and Arabic, Dusty is one of the team’s most dependable operatives.

Dusty’s “real name” is actually an anagram of Hasbro’s G.i. Joe artist Ron Rudat (the guy who came up with the Cobra logo).

Dusty’s desert headgear can be removed.

Dusty comes with two sets of goggles, a larger one for his headgear and a smaller one for his actual head.

Dusty has a combat knife that can be sheathed on his right leg.

He also comes with his backpack.

Lastly, Dusty comes with a black FAMAS rifle, complete with bi-pod.

The ammo clip is removable.

Dusty fully kitted out.

Admittedly, I do wish the headgear was more show accurate and made with cloth, instead of this tough plastic piece. I also do wish they release a more Sunbow cartoon accurate deco for Dusty, instead of this “chocolate chip” deco, too.

Folks probably most fondly remember Dusty for buddying up with Footloose. There was also a two-part story arc dedicated to Dusty where he was branded as a traitor by the Joe team in the Sunbow series.

G.i. Joe Classified # 50 Crimson Guard

The most elite of Cobra’s legions and loyal only to Cobra Commander, the Crimson Guards are rarely deployed to the expendable front lines. Their primary function is to infiltrate the highest orders of political and legal offices in order to advance Cobra’s influence. They also serve as Cobra Commander’s personal guard.

Gotta love the tampographed details on this figure!

The Crimson Guard comes with a combat knife that can be sheathed on his right hip.

He also comes with a sword that can be sheathed on his left hip, as well as a sidearm that can be holstered on his left thigh.

“En garde, Joe!”

The CG/ “siegie” also comes with a rifle mounted with a bayonet, similar to the classic vintage design of the toy.

The rifle also features a removable ammo magazine.

Lastly, the Crimson Guard comes with a backpack than can stow his sword and rifle.

You’ll have to peg the rifle into backpack via its trigger hole though.

Using the Cobra logo as a backdrop.

Since I prefer the Retro Carded version for the Crimson guard, for the toon-accurate colors, I decided to only get two of these guys. I’ll probably place these next to Cobra Commander. While the Retro ones go join the troop formations.

The full wave

Another very satisfying wave from Hasbro! They just keep making this line better and better. I really, really hope it never follows down the path of Marvel Legends where the accessories are almost non-existent now. Sigh.


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