G.i. Joe Classified Wave 13

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G.i. Joe Classified Wave 13

G.i. Joe Classified #62 David L. “Bazooka” Katzenbogen
G.i. Joe Classified #70 Shipwreck and Polly
G.i. Joe Classified #71 Craig “Rock ‘N Roll” McConnel
G.i. Joe Classified #72 Copperhead
G.i. Joe Classified #73 Edward “Torpedo” Leialoha

G.i. Joe Classified #62 David L. “Bazooka” Katzenbogen

David L. Katzenbogen is the G.i. Joe team’s missile specialist. An expert with anti-tank weapons, Bazooka can use various rocket types fired from his launcher to take down most enemy heavy-armored units. He’s also an expert with explosives.

While his bio states that Bazooka is a “swift, strategic thinker”, in the 1980s cartoons, he’s often depicted as slow-witted and clumsy oaf, often setting up a witty comeback from his comedy duo buddy, Alpine.

His helmet is removable.

Heh… thanks to his moustache and hairstyle, he kinda looks like “Queen” lead singer Freddie Mercury.

Bazooka comes with four different rockets.

All four rockets and the launcher can be stowed on his backpack.

The launcher can also be slinged around his shoulder.

The bazooka has an openable rear hatch for “reloading” ammo.

It comes out of the package like this, so some assembly required.

It bazooka time!

In the (now non-canon) Devil’s Due G.i. Joe comics, Bazooka was one of the first Joes to get “reactivated”. Unfortunately, he had packed on a lot of weight since the Joe team disbanded was no longer fit for active assignment so he had to pass up the call. Too bad. Meanwhile in the G.i. Joe Resolute animated mini-series, Bazooka was killed off screen by Storm Shadow in order to sabotage the U.S.S. Flagg.

Interestingly, the numbering on Bazooka’s “shirt” is intentionally worn down for this figure. I guess to add some visual realism to the toy? In the cartoons we never saw this detail on his jersey.

Bazooka’s oddball codename in the Classified line is Pallas (Hasbro started using the names of classical writers as codenames for this wave).

G.i. Joe Classified #70 Shipwreck and Polly

Hector X. Delgado is a Navy seaman through and through. Lying about his age to enlist a year early, Shipwreck would later on serve tours of duty in various locations around the world before finally joining the G.i. Joe team.

Shipwreck is often a fan favorite in the Joe cartoon and comics series due to his penchant for “bending the rules” and getting himself in (and out) of trouble. He also likes to flirt with fellow Joe teammate, Cover Girl, whom he’s usually paired up with on missions.

The figure sports some weathering on his pants.

Tattoo details on both of his arms and tampo details on his sleeve.

He comes with his pet parrot, Polly. Polly can be pegged into a slot on Shipwreck’s ship.

In the series, Polly is uniquely smarter than the average parrot, being able to hold real conversations with people on occasion. He’s also annoying at times, much to Shipwreck’s consternation.

You can also plug in Polly via the reel of rope to get him to position on Shipwreck’s shoulder.

It only looks natural if the rope is on Shipwreck’s right shoulder. It looks off when it’s on his left.

Shipwreck’s hat is removable, along with a huge part of his hair. Lol!

Shipwreck comes with a sidearm.

He also comes with a flintlock shotgun and a grappling hook that homages his vintage toy’s accessory.

The grappling hook can also be attached to the end of the reel of rope.

Flintlock shotgun.

Interestingly, in real life, U.S. Navy personnel are not permitted to grow facial hair because it could potentially diminish the effectiveness of emergency underwater breathing apparatus.

Lastly, the set comes with a new character focused backdrop. I like it. This was highlighted at the recent SDCC display. They look great next to the figures. Too bad they only initiated this so late into the game, so a lot of the earlier characters will look out of place without their own backdrops. I’m also not a fan of the punched holes in the backdrop where the twist ties were used to hold the figure down. Sigh…

Shipwreck’s oddball codename in the Classified line is Austen.

G.i. Joe Classified #71 Craig “Rock ‘N Roll” McConnel

Craig S. McConnel is the G.i. Joe team’s original machine gunner (later we would see Roadblock be the more prominent machine gunner). Proficient with all NATO light and heavy machine guns and graduating top of his class in advanced infantry training, Rock ‘N Roll can be counted on to hold the line with relentless heavy machinegun fire on the battlefield.

When he’s not doing weights or surfing, he spends his down time playing with his bass guitar. The dude knows how to chill.

While he had one major character moment in the first season of the Sunbow series (“Jungle Trap”), he was rarely fleshed out later on, particularly when the Joe roster expanded. Like most of the characters from the first season, Rock ‘N Roll was relegated to “background character” status in later episodes.

I can’t say I’m a fan of the tattoos on the figure. Since he never had them back in the old series. But I guess we gotta get with the times. I suddenly wonder what the army’s guidelines are on tattoos? Then again, G.i. Joe was never really just any regular army unit.

Like all the other figures in the line, his headgear is removable.

For some reason, I just can’t unsee late actor Charlton Heston with this headsculpt. Maybe it’s the eyes and beard from the time he played Moses.

“Rocky” comes with a sidearm which can be holstered on his right thigh.

He also comes with a radio.

The radio can be pegged into the holes on his belt, but for some reason, the peg on the radio is really big. I had to trim it down with a nail cutter so it could slot in.

Of course, as a heavy machine gunner, he has to come with a heavy machine gun, in this case it’s the M60. Complete with bipod, ammunition box and a long ammunition belt.

The left side of his belt has a hole, I’m not sure if this is meant to hold the ammo box? I tried it and it did seem to fit.

You can also slot the long ammo belt directly into the heavy machinegun’s feeder.

Rock ‘N Roll’s oddball codename in the Classified line is Bronte.

G.i. Joe Classified #72 Copperhead

Not much is known about this Cobra operative, other than that he is a mercenary that races his Cobra Water Moccasin across the Florida Everglades swamps at fast speeds, often delivering contraband and running errands for Cobra.

His “bicep straps” keep falling off. It’s annoying…

Hmm… he’s got huge feet? At least it makes him easy to stand.

He comes with a removable flare gun holstered on his right leg.

Copperhead has a machete that can be sheathed on the left side of his belt.

He also comes with a huge “backpack” holster for his huge custom revolver. Getting the gun-locking straps on his holsters to peg in can be very frustrating (both for the magnum and the flare gun). I recommend buttoning it down without the guns in first just to make the hole bigger before putting the guns in and trying again.

Dual wield!!

Overall, pretty decent. I really dislike the bicep straps a lot, but the rest of the figure is pretty good and is very accurate to the old cartoon design. As a character, Copperhead never really stood out for me. He was just kind of there in the show, functioning as an over-glorified courier for Cobra as opposed to an actual worthwhile combatant when going up against G.i. Joe (he was more of a unique vehicle driver, like Wild Weasel from the Cobra Rattler Jet). Still, I am happy to get another classic Cobra agent added to the ranks.

Copperhead’s oddball codename in the Classified line is Shelly.

G.i. Joe Classified #73 Edward “Torpedo” Leialoha

Edward W. Leialoha is the G.i. Joe team’s original Navy SEAL (SEa, Air & Land). Torpedo is well trained in demolitions and explosives and is proficient in most NATO small arms. A disciplined martial artist, he spends his off-duty hours perfecting his fighting skills in Wu-Shu, Kenpo and Go-Ju-Ryu.

While Torpedo has the respect of his peers and fellow Joe team members, his personality is often compared to that of a “cold fish” (i.e. boring).

Torpedo doesn’t come with any sidearms, just his trusty knife.

I love the sonar detail printed on his right forearm display.

Torpedo comes with a machine gun with removable ammo clip.

Of course, the Joe frogman comes with his scuba gear.

His mask’s air hoses can connect to his backpack.

Too bad his goggles aren’t see-through, though.

Lastly, Torpedo comes with his speargun.

Heh, I just love the little “real world” details the design team throws into these figures, like this little neon loop for making sure the speargun doesn’t get lost in case Torpedo drops it.

I decided to use a third party display stand to get more mileage out of this figure.

While Torpedo only had a handful of moments in the cartoon series (thanks to the arrival of Shipwreck and Wetsuit taking up most of the screen time for marine operations later on), he had more of a presence in the Marvel Comics runs under series creator and long time scribe, Larry Hama.

Torpedo’s oddball codename in the Classified line is Verne.

The full wave 13


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