G.i. Joe Classified Wave 7

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G.i. Joe Classified Wave 7

#33 Cobra Bats
#34 Cobra Alley Viper

Battle Android Troopers are robots created by Cobra’s anti-armor specialist, Scrap-Iron. They function as nearly indestructible, disposable infantry units that can carry out simple tasks, such as obliterating everything in front of them.

Hasbro included an optional torso cover for the BAT this time around. I don’t really care for it though, I wish they included a clear piece instead, just like on the vintage figure.

The set comes with an alternate “shot up” head, revealing one of its optic sensors.

It also has an alternate “shot up” chest plate.

For weapons, it only comes with a sidearm, no rifles, unfortunately.

The sidearm can be holstered on its left leg, but it’s a bit hard to get the pistol all the way in though.

It does, however come with its classic alternate forearm attachments, such as a claw for crushing objects.

A flame thrower.

Lastly, a laser beam emitter (?)

All 3 of its attachments can be mounted on its backpack.

Alley Viper

Sigh… by sheer lousy luck, one of my Alley Vipers came missing the knife sheath for its vest. Dang…

Cobra’s urban assault specialists. The Alley Vipers are armed with the same weapons and armor used by heavy S.W.A.T. units. Tough, strong, ruthless and brutal, these troopers serve as Cobra’s spearhead for inner-city invasions.

His face shield visor can be pulled down.

The Alley Viper comes with a ridiculous amount of gear!

Combat knives


The sidearm can be holstered on his right leg.

Grappling hook launcher

Alley Viper comes with his classic backpack.

The grappling hook launcher can be mounted on his backpack when not in use.

Tactical shield

The shield can swivel on its mount, giving the figure holding the shield more poseability.

Assault rifle

The assault rifle features a removable ammo magazine.

Sub machine gun

The full wave

Overall, another knock-out wave from Hasbro! Unfortunately, stocks of this wave were insanely low for the Asia market. I really hope Hasbro re-releases these guys in bulk. If you’re up for army building, then these figures are totally worth it!!

Wave 7 also features repack of Wave 2’s Gung Ho as part of the assortment in a case of 6.


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