G.i. Joe Cobra Deviant

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G.i. Joe Cobra Deviant

Cobra Cyber-Viper

According to his bio, this particular Viper has had biocybernetic surgery to allow him to interface with the Deviant, which is not really a big surprise as Cobra’s been doing that to their Strato-Viper pilots ever since way back.

The figure shares some parts with Zartan and other previously released figures.

His only weapon/accessory is a knife… wow…

At least it’s got a sheathe.

Who brings a knife to a gunfight??

Cobra Deviant

Released a waaaay back ago in the Pursuit of Cobra line, I originally passed on this, since I couldn’t think of where to put this guy in with the Cobras. It was only recently that I realized this could be placed with the Iron Grenadiers so I backtracked it. It’s not bad, but not really worth army building I think. I’ll just keep this down to one unit for now.

The arms on the Deviant can be removed and swapped around with the G.i. Joe Steel Marauder.

The cockpit has some nice details, the stickers have to all be put in manually.

Nice HUD (Heads Up Display) effect using the stickers on the canopy.

Grappling hook launcher

Battering ram arm


I’m just going to out on a limb and say this is a cannon weapon thingy too…

Multi-pedal feet.

Overall, a somewhat decent set. Nothing really awesome stands out and I think actually prefer the Steel Marauder better. Oh well.


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