G.i. Joe Cobra Night Raven

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G.i. Joe Cobra Night Raven

Another old favorite. I actually had this for a decade.

The vintage Night Raven is about 26 Inches long.

Opening Engine covers

“Double Toxin” Heat seeking twin missile pods.

Hydraulic air brake with twin 20mm cannons

Bomb bay

Hydraulic-operated auto-level twin personnel c0ckpit


Comparsion with the ROC Night Raven

Strato Vipers

Unfortunately, due to the height difference, you can’t fit the 25th Anniversary StratoViper into the front seat. Otherwise, the hatch won’t close.

I really love this one over the ROC version. But seeing as how 25th Anniv. figures can’t fit, I guess army building this is kinda moot. I’ll just leave it as Serpentor’s own private Night Raven and army build the regular ROC version instead.


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