G.i. Joe Cobra Stinger 4×4 with Heartwrencher

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G.i. Joe Cobra Stinger 4×4 with Heartwrencher


From the very short lived G.i. Joe Frontline comics from Devils Due Publishing, Heartwrencher was one of the new Dreadnoks introduced into the team.

She comes with several accessories, first off, a forearm-mounted crossbow.

She also comes with a pistol.

Lastly, since she’s a mechanic, it’s only fitting she has her own wrench.

I never really followed the Devil’s Due G.i. Joe comics, but apparently, she’s popular among the fans, so much so, this set from the Joe Club fetches quite a price on the secondary markets.

Dreadnok Stinger 4×4.

Since I’m not sure how difficult it will be to dislodge the mounting post from the base after assembly, I didn’t plug the post all the way in.

Step board.

Stinger Rockets

Gotta love that Dreadnoks logo on the hood.

The rifle on the hood of the vehicle can be removed.

It’s a bit of a tight fit, due to her “skirt” getting in the way of her leg articulation, but adjusting the car roof can get her parked into the seat decently enough.


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