G.i. Joe Dollar General Figures Wave 2

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G.i. Joe Dollar General Figures Wave 2

Since these have been out in the US for months now, and it seems the Gi Joe line is near-death locally, it seems doubtful these will still make it out, so I decided to just order a set from BBTS.

Unlike the first wave, the second wave does not come with a white outer shipping box (or so I’ve been told).

Snake Eyes

Nothing really particular about this repaint, I just felt like opening him just to arbitrarily add him to the Joecon 2013 Night Force (the color motif works). Officially though, Snake Eyes was never included in the Night Force team (I think).

Storm Shadow

Despite being labeled “Storm Shadow”, this figure resembles another Gi Joe Ninja force member, T’Gin-Zu.



Like Snake Eyes, I just opened this guy for “Night Force” reasons.

Frogman equipment on.

Comparisons with wave 1.


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