G.i. Joe DVD Battle Packs ~ The Weather Dominator

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G.i. Joe DVD Battle Packs ~ The Weather Dominator

-Lady Jaye
-Weather Dominator

Inner tray

MASS device part stored in the back.

Lady Jaye with Single pack Lady Jaye

For some reason, the figure makes me think of her as a dude, the lack of lipstick perhaps?

Road block with vines.

With Roadblock from the 5 pack.

Destro the Enemy!

Destro with single pack Destro

Destro’s Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The Weather Dominator can be disassembled into 3 pieces (not counting the chair).

Weather Dominator control panel.

MASS device part

Different filecards.

Original 5 pack Destro

DVD boxset Destro (Destro’s joined Gijoe?????!!!) ROTFLMAO. 😀

Lady Jaye

Road Block (I think this is the most toon accurate colored Roadblock yet)


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