G.i. Joe Figure Subscription Service 6.0 Wave 4 Sub-Zero and Guillotine

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G.i. Joe Figure Subscription Service 6.0 Wave 4 Sub-Zero and Guillotine


How to return all that gear back into the tray:

Sub-Zero comes with a mortar launcher, as a throwback to his vintage toy, too bad he does not come with actual mortars though, just the launcher.

Pistol can be holstered.

Sub-Zero comes a machine gun and snow shoes, but his snow shoes are reuses from the Snow Serpent figure and different from the original vintage version.

Sub-Zero’s gear also includes a redeco of Sprit’s rifle and backpack, for those silent missions in the snow. Pretty nifty.


Guillotine appeared in the Devil’s Due comics and was the leader of the Plague Troopers, Cobra’s own take on G.i. Joe’s unique team of specialists. Guillotine was a Cobra Eel.

Guillotine comes with a pistol with silencer and a knife.

He also comes with a sword.

For a Cobra Eel, it’s odd to see him without any swim fins.

The hoses are just too difficult to connect to the backpack, so I just opted to push the hoses from the helmet to the sides of the pack to prevent damaging the hoses.

Guillotine also comes with a rifle based on his v1 version’s accessory from the classic toyline.

He also comes with a more contemporary rifle.

Other members of the Plague troopers are:
-Blackout – Sniper (FSS 1.0 13th figure)
-Bayonet – Snow Serpent in all black
-Body Bags – SAW Viper
-Grim Skull – Sand Viper
-Incision- Night Creeper
-Infrared – Crimson Guard (Cobra Shadow Guard from Marine Devastation pack with Gung Ho works)
-Interrogator – Cobra interrogator (FSS 4.0 wave 5 with Billy)
-Munitia – Cobra Mercenary (FSS 8.0 wave 5)
-Vanguard – new recruit (Dollar General Green suit v.17 Shipwreck might be a good fit)
-Vector – Laser Viper
-Velocity – AVAC

Not bad, I guess we technically have 6 Plague Troopers already.


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