G.i. Joe Figure Subscription Service 7.0 Wave 4 Budo & General Hawk

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G.i. Joe Figure Subscription Service 7.0 Wave 4 Budo & General Hawk


Descendant of a noble warrior ancestor, Budo decides to honor his great, great grandfather and become a force for good. Primarily functions as infantry and G.i. Joe’s hand to hand combat instructor. He never appeared in any of the cartoons though.

Since he doesn’t have any real sheathes for his swords, you can place them both into the loop on his waist, giving him that classic samurai look.

He also comes with sais

Hmm… the old “who brings knives to a gunfight” routine eh? Yeah, this might not end well for Budo.

His helmet, sadly, is not removable. I’m not entirely sure if it was intentionally glued on, or a side effect of the paint on his head drying. Either way, it’s too bad we can’t take it off. As he does have a Japanese samurai ponytail sculpted onto the back of his head (you can see it when you lift the helmet).

This is definitely a much classic looking figure compared to the one that came out in the G.i. Joe Retaliation line.

General Hawk

Based on General Hawk as he appeared in the DIC Joe cartoons, This version uses various parts to make it come together but sadly it doesn’t quite capture the look of the original toy or animation model. The head is a reuse of the G.i. Joe Resolute Duke head.

He comes with a sidearm pistol

Pistol can be holstered on his leg.

He also comes with a rifle.

He comes with a jetpack that’s meant to be an homage to the vintage toy, but it’s actually very different since it’s from the Pursuit of Cobra Sky Dive, but I guess it’s fine given how the Club was no longer invested in spending for more tooling.

Not bad but I do wish they went with toon accurate colors, instead of the brightly colored concept.

One thing I really hated about this set was the webgear though, it’s a mess and no matter how I try, I couldn’t get the button for the belt to tab in. Drats.


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